Your treatment plan in Dr Carl Balog Clinic may entail a lot than you may think. All the strategies available are used so as to make sure that you will not go back to the same pains again. Some of the treatment plans used include physical therapy, occupational therapy, neurology, neuro surgery, oncology and surgery. All that Dr.Carl Balog does is give an extensive report on the entire requirement to the needed specialist so that he can take up the case with all the required information.

He has a wide range of specialists that he works with to make sure that you get the best of the services. The team approach works magic for your well being. Incase the other specialist may need Carl Balog for information on you he is available to give the information. Dr.Carl Balog is an expert Anesthiologist thus all the expertise is in him to make sure that you get well and get well fully to go back to your normal programme.

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