For about $20 you can pick up a pillow that's shape like a horseshoe and has a box on it that advertises way better functionality than you're actually going to get. What I'm referring to is the often-seen-on-TV neck message pillows. They offer varying degrees of vibration and heat. Ideally, for the sake of my recommendation, you'll pick up one with heat.
When I purchased mine, I had a massive upper back and neck tension that was causing me a headache. After plugging it and letting it do its thing for about a half hour I realized that the vibrations were absolutely useless to me: but the heat wasn't. Now, as a backup for any time I strain my shoulders (I tend to keep my stress up there) I pull out this massage pillow and turn the massage to the lowest setting just so the heat can fill me up. So, if you're asking yourself: “why would I ever buy one of those, they don't work” the answer is “you're right, but, they're not entirely useless.” This kind of thing can be used for more serious pain, as well, much in the way that switching ice and heat packs on any other injury would work. Sit down, flip on the TV, let a half hour of heat sink into you, then turn it off and let yourself cool off somehow. This could even be a cool shower.
Small things to consider for minor pain reduction. 

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In reply to your email about Hoe, the armless calligrapher, please let me know what specifically t we can share with you.

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