According to Dr. Carl Balog, foot pains are just like other pain and need to be taken seriously. They are chronic pains which occur at season of the year. Foot pains causes as discussed by Dr. Carl Balog are, bone fracture. When you have fractured or broken bone, you are likely to feel foot pains. This is due to the pressure exerted on the food due to the broken bone. They usually swell and and the blood around the swollen causes the entire foot to swell. The recommendation for this can be a rest or ice. When you have a swollen foot that is causing you discomfort, you can best treat it by just taking a bit rest. This means that you avoid walking too much. You can as well treat it by placing ice on the swollen part. It will help to get rid of the pain quicker. The second cause of foot pains is the arthritis. It is a medical condition which the joints are swollen and painful. A remedy for this is capsaicin. It helps to turn off the pain by transmitting signal to the brain.
In regards to Carl Balog, foot pains are also caused by gout. This is a disease that causes joints to swell painfully, especially in the toes. It is a very uncomfortable condition that needs special medical attention. Gout is mainly caused by a lot of proteins in the body. Therefore, reducing the amount of proteins in your diet can act as the best remedy for gout. Diabetes is another factor that causes foot pain. It is a condition where there is too much sugar in the blood. This causes numbness and phantom. This problem can be solved through the application of willow and gotu. Final cause of foot pains is what we wear. Wearing small shoes can actually lead to foot pain. This is due to the feet which are forced in the small shoes thus swelling. It is thus advisable to try the above remedies to ensure that you do not suffer from foot pains.

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