Arthritis is an illness/disease in which the joints in someone's body are swollen and painful. It is a common medical condition that affects mostly the aged. Dr Carl Balog did a research on arthritis and found suitable tips that can help to get rid of arthritis pain. The first tip is exercise. Since arthritis mainly affects the joint, it is highly recommended to do a light exercises for the joints. Cycling is often advised. But, never do vigorous exercises like playing tennis when suffering from arthritis. It will cause you more pain than before.  The second tip to combat arthritis pain is to balance the body weight. Too much body weight is likely to worsen your arthritic condition. A lot of weight in the body will exert pressure to the joints causing you more pain. It is therefore recommended for you to control your body weight. You can achieve this by consuming low cholesterol food and avoiding ready-made foods.
Consumption of anti-inflammatory diet is also a very useful tip that can be used to combat arthritis. Research shows that anti-inflammatory diet plays a vital role in the reduction of arthritis pain. It also helps to deplete the aging process.  A supplement from fish oil can also do better in reducing joint pain. It is thus advised to take adequate of fish oil to help do away with joint pain. Lastly, eat a well balanced diet. Eating anyhow will actually land you to so many health problems. It is therefore required of you if you are arthritic person to eat a balanced diet. This means that you only consume high vitamin content foods with lesser fats and oil foods. You are also to consume little of proteins and just moderate carbohydrates. Consume as much as you can foods rich in iron and magnesium. They help a lot to eliminate joint pain.

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