Research done Dr Balog Shows that sinusitis patients will suffer for long because of the foods they eat during this period. He has found that sinusitis sufferers have to avoid certain foods for a quick recovery. These foods includes; non nutritive foods such as carbohydrates which includes rice, cakes, white floor, white rice etc. These foods consume blood sugar in the body leaving one susceptible to many nutritional deficiencies.Dairy products, corn and eggs are not be avoided. They cause allergic reaction in the body which triggers sinusitis. Avoid consuming alcohols and wines. They affect your immune system which helps the body to recover.
Other foods to avoid are fungi-mushroom though they are healthy. you can resume eating them after a completer recovery.Avoid taking all artificial sugars, limit your intake of salty food. You are also to suspend taking coffee, caffeine may worsen sinusitis. you are also advised to avoid taking processed foods such as bacon and hot dogs. They are rich in sodium and fats which are not good for sinusitis sufferer. Finally, avoid taking carbonated drinks. They contain acids that only increase acid level in your blood

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