Varicose is a medical condition where by varicose veins are swollen and painful especially in the legs. It sometimes requires medical operation. It is accompanied by arching of the legs, change of ankle color and itching veins. With Dr Carl Balog, you need to worry not about varicose. He has done a thorough research and found out that varicose can be easily get rid of through the following ways. One can easily get rid of varicose veins through a daily exercise. Exercises such as hiking, jogging, and running for at least 20 minutes a day plays an important role in the prevention of varicose vein. Supporting stockings can also be used to prevent varicose. They help preventing swelling of legs and collection of blood in the varicose veins.

 Varicose can as well be eliminated by raising legs against a wall or anything standing near you when sitting. This facilitates blood flow into and from the heart, preventing accumulation of blood in varicose veins. Carl Balog also found out that one could do away with varicose by consuming vitamin C every day. It helps to strengthen vessels' walls. It also prevents the swelling of legs due to pressure exerted on the legs because of long standing. In addition, it helps to keep the veins of the legs healthy. Application of varicose gel/cream; It has been proven that it helps a lot in the elimination of varicose. For more information on the treatment and prevention of varicose, contact Carl Balog, a medical doctor.

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