Headache is the pain that one feels in the head. It is the common pain that disturb many individuals. There are several courses of headache that people are not aware of. However, these courses vary from one individual to another. Here are common courses of headache;
-lack of enough sleep
-Over drinking
-laud music
-cold bath in the morning
-Imbalance diet
It has been found that not every person will feel headache because of the above courses. It is a pain that has no proper course.
There are ways which can be used to cab headache. These include; taking the right pain killers, e.g. Aspirin which is a major pain reliever, having enough sleep to keep you active through the day. People who rarely had enough sleep always complain of headache. its recommend to have at least six hour to sleep for those who have no health problem and eight hours for those with health problems. Try to drink responsible. This is because of the dink we take. They have many chemical which has side effects on our bodies, and headache is one of them. It is also advisable to take worm bath in the morning. This will keep you active throughout the day. It has been discovered that those with health problems suffer from headache on a cold bath when sun arises in the morning. Do also dry to avoid loud music which can damage your ear drum and in the process coursing headache. Visit a doctor to recommend you on a good diet. Eating anyhow will course headache depending on individuals and what type of food they eat.

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