Leg and joint pain from arthritis, injuries, or other conditions can make even daily tasks daunting. Pain is fatiguing and if you need to be on your feet all day it can get to be too much. Here are a few tips on living with pain:

1.     Move wisely when entering or exiting the car, getting up from bed, or after putting your feet up on the couch. Sit first and then swing your legs in or up together when sitting down or climbing into the car. Do the same in the opposite order when getting up or exiting the car.

2.     Wear good shoes. Make sure that every pair you buy has good arch support, a cushioned sole, traction, and is bendable.

3.     If you cook or spend a lot of time on your feet in the kitchen, snag a rolling chair from your home office so that you can zip around the kitchen without standing the whole time. It is fun and relaxing!

4.     Pace yourself when running errands and doing housework. You’ll get more done if you spread out the work than if you over do it and end up in worse pain.

5.     Take the stairs with caution. When walking up, lead with your better leg. If walking down, lead with your worst leg. Make sure to use the banister.

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